Kids’ Pizza Parties!

Each Friday, after school is done, our parents have organized a pizza party for all the kids….it is looked forward to by all….a pleasant way to get together, catch up on the week, and start the weekend. If you haven’t already joined us….do so soon!

Our Co-op’s 60th Anniversary!

We just celebrated our 60th anniversary. The first co-operators moved in here in 1953, and we still have several of these lucky folks among us. Some were babies and grew up here. Others arrived as adults, and have remained among old friends and new arrivals. This is a community, a “small town” of sorts…..

At our party we had champagne, delicious chocolates and other goodies. We were joined by a large number of co-operators, and also Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who participated in the celebration, and presented our co-op with a signed document, memorializing this historic event.

Our First Ice Cream Party 2008

Our First Ice Cream Party 2008

One of our cooperators entered and won an essay contest sponsored by Edy’s Ice Cream. Her prize, which she’s giving to our co-op, is an ice cream block party! Here’s part of the winning essay:

“My ‘block’ is made up of only two buildings, both full of awesome people. When I was ill, neighbors asked if I need groceries; someone arrived at my apartment door with a pot of homemade soup; people were always calling to see how I was doing. And this is not a small town – we’re in the Bronx, NY, people! My city is huge and can be cold and anonymous, but my block is just the opposite. Before I moved here I lived for 20 years in a Manhattan high rise, and barely knew a soul. Here, we’re like a family, and this warm and caring family of mine deserves a great big delicious Edy’s (my favorite, no kidding) block party.”